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How to use EDNS 📖

How to register an account with EDNSHow to claim a domain with a Promotion Code?


📲How to bind a wallet to EDNS account?How to create a Managed Wallet?


How to buy a domain?


How to create a record for my domain?How to transfer the Domain from Managed Wallet to a personal wallet?


How to send a message using my domain?

Google Chrome Extension

How to use EDNS Domains Google Chrome Extension?


What is the main objective or mission of EDNS 2.0 in the domain space?Can you explain the process of minting a crosschain domain with EDNS 2.0, and what blockchains are currently supported for this purpose?What is the difference between the classical and universal domain types?What types of users or businesses can benefit the most from utilizing EDNS 2.0's crosschain domains?What measures does EDNS 2.0 take to ensure that users can easily manage and transfer their crosschain domains across different blockchain networks?What sets EDNS 2.0 apart from other competitors in the decentralized domain space, and what makes it a compelling choice for users?What is the role of DeDrive within the EDNS ecosystem and how it complements the crosschain domains offered by EDNS 2.0?Are there any specific partnerships or collaborations that EDNS 2.0 has formed to enhance its offerings or extend its reach within the blockchain and Web3 space?

Third-party Integration 🛠

How to add your domain(s) to MetaMask Mobile?How to view my domain(s) on OpenSea?How to download EDNS Domains Google Chrome Extension?How to add EDNS domain to Instagram?

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